10 Interesting Facts about US Mexico Border You Never Knew!


After a long wait of 35 days, finally, the federal government shutdown came to an end in the United States. A particular bill has been signed by President Trump which will end the government shutdown at least partially. Even after signing this bill, President Trump is still strongly inclined towards securing decent funding to build a wall for the US-Mexico border. According to The New York Times, President Trump would need to secure almost $70 billion to just build a wall along the US-Mexico border and approximately $150 million for its maintenance every year. Moreover, President Trump is determined to build a steel wall at the border just like the one made for the Nogales, Arizona. Democrats are completely against the proposal, but President Trump has a strong belief that the country’s security will be compromised if a wall is not built along the US-Mexico border urgently. Check out the 10 interesting facts about the US Mexico Border mentioned below: 

Longest Border in the World

The United States and Mexico are separated by a boundary of 1969 miles which is uninhabited land. The US-Mexico border is the longest border in the world, touching both the Pacific Ocean as well as the Atlantic Ocean. The most interesting fact is that the US-Mexico border is widely known for being the busiest trade point in the world. No wonder, the US-Mexico border is definitely an economic asset for both the United States as well as Mexico.


Secured by Fencing

One of the most interesting stories published in the Arizona Republic (2017) reveals that more than 650 miles, that is, almost one-third of the US-Mexican border has been secured by fencing. Some of the barriers have been built to stop pedestrians and other barriers are for preventing cars, trucks, and buses from crossing the US-Mexico border. 

Trump & The Border

President Trump is strongly inclined towards building a steel/concrete wall along the southern part of the US-Mexican border. There is a steel wall built-in Nogales which prevents people from Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Mexico to cross the barrier. In the last year, the steel wall in Nogales was installed with an extra layer of razor wire for the sake of increasing the security at the border.

US-Mexico Border Wall

The first president of the United States who authorized the building of a wall along the US-Mexico border was President Bill Clinton. There were two important bills authorized in the 1990s by President Bill, Operation Gatekeeper and Operation Hold The Line. After these two operations were authorized, the Operation Hold The Line was enacted in 1993 and Operation Gatekeeper was enacted in 1994. Operation Gatekeeper was aimed to build walls, fences or barriers for safeguarding the US citizens from illegal entry of immigrants through the California-Mexico border. On the other hand, Operation Hold The Line in El Paso was aimed at building a blockade along El Paso to prevent the entry migrants in the United States. In the year 2006, another bill was signed by President Bush, called the Secure Fence Act which authorized the construction of fencing on the US-Mexico border.

48 Legal Ways for Immigrants To Enter

In case a legal immigrant wishes to enter into the United States, he can access at least 48 legal points to get an entry for his car on the US-Mexican border. Moreover, there are 10 more legal points for entry of ferry/rail via the border. According to Fox News, almost 4000 trucks and a million people are allowed to legally cross the US-Mexico border on a daily basis. People who try to illegally cross the border get arrested by the Border Patrol Agents on the US-Mexico border.

The Southern Border

To your surprise, almost 97% of illegal immigrants enter the United States after crossing the southern border which is not secured by a wall/fence/barrier. In the year 2018, it was revealed that most of the immigrants who illegally enter the United States settle in Texas and Tucson.

The American and Mexico War

The American and Mexico War held in 1846-1848 led to the establishment of the US-Mexico border. The American and Mexico war started when the US annexed Texas. This war continued for two long years and ended with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo which is also famously known as the Treaty of peace and friendship. According to this treaty, Mexico surrendered almost 55% of the territories such as  Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, and California to the United States.

Trade Tariffs

Even after abolishing trade tariffs by the NAFTA in the year 1993, still, the percentage of export trade obtained at the US-Mexico border has increased by 111% in the year 2003. Due to the US-Mexico border, the United States has become the largest export-import trade partner of Mexico and Mexico has become one of the largest buyer and supplier of the United States.

Border Patrol Agents

Border Patrol Agents have apprehended almost 25,000 families at the US-Mexican border in November 2018. According to Vox News, more than one-quarter of the arrests made at the US-Mexico border were families in 2018. Border Patrol Agents have the duty to prevent any kind of illegal entry of terrorists, weapons or drug trafficking through the US-Mexico border. 


People who have crossed their limit to stay by visa in the United States are getting arrested at the US-Mexican border by the Border Patrol Agents. In the year 2017, almost 303,916 people were arrested at the US-Mexico border, amongst whom 50% of the people had visa overstays.


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