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Current USBG Operations

United States Customs and Border Protection or commonly known as CBP is the largest federal law enforcement agency of the United States Department of Homeland Security.

CBP is the United State’s main border control organization which facilitates collection of import duties, international trade and enforcing U.S regulations as and when required.

United States Customs and Border Protection has a workforce of more than 45,000+ federal agents and officers with headquarters in Washington D.C.

Few Facts about CBP You should know

As the primary purpose of CBP is to facilitate border security of the United States, the large workforce of over 58,000 employees include support personnel such as aircraft pilots, trade specialists, canine enforcement officers and other agents.

  • Around 21,000 CBP officers are stationed to monitor and examine passengers and cargo across 328 designated ports in the country.
  • Around 2,200 Agriculture Specialists work towards eliminating the threat of harmful pests or animals that can cause harm to the agriculture of American farms. These specialists ensure that food supply for the United States is maintained at all times and threats due to bio and agro terrorrism is neutralized.
  • Under the CBP there are aproximatrelt 21,300 agents that patrol and protect 1,900 miles of border with Mexico and 5000 miles of the border with neighboring Canada.
  • The CBP also has 1000+ Air and Marine Interdiction Agents on duty to prevent narcotics, weapons and illegial immigrants from entering the  country via air and water.
  • The CBP revenue positions collectively handle over $30 Billion through duties and taxes which are enforced as part of traffic and trade laws.
  • There is also a CBP Canine Program which is a terrorist detection and apprehension wing which has the largest number of working dogs of any U.S federal all enforcement agency.

If you want to know more  about a career as a U.S Border Patrol Agent, do read this article.


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